Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the TAG game!

So my friend Ashley Easton is adorable & did this tag thingy. And these things make me feel like I'm passing notes in middle school, so I'm glad to be invited!
I'm supposed to tag new people and ask new questions, but I think I'll do that later. {Mainly because I'm late for class. Or maybe I'm just lazy bones.} 


11 Random Facts about CLT:
1. My middle name is Laura. And I love it.
2. I have a stuffed puppy named "Puppy."
3. I'm a proud member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
4. I sleep-walk/sleep-eat. I promise, it's real.
5. From my junior year of high school to my sophomore year in college I wasn't able to smell. ANYTHING.
6. I used to be VERY outgoing and loud, but recently I've become quieter and more personal with people. 
7. I hate snow, but I love to play in it. {It's a complicated relationship.}
8. I love to learn to cook & bake! I just never have time and I'm too poor to do it frequently.
9. My favorite place to eat is "The Bakery" in downtown SLC.
10. I'm a neat freak. It's a new obsession, but it's hit hard. I'm 99.999% positive it has something to do with my ADHD.
11. I love nature and going new places. But only when it's warm. I don't like to be cold. 

Questions from Ash:
1. Why do I gots the name of Chelsey? My parents almost named me Britney, but they chose Chelsey because it rocks! My mom has a cousin that she was really close with whose name is " Chelsea," but that spelling sucks so they gave me a 'y!'
2. My first word as a baby was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I was a brain.
3. One quality I have always wanted in my future spouse is someone who is humorous, {don't get me wrong, they HAVE to have a serious side} but someone who can make things fun even when feelings are sad and times are hard.
4. My biggest fear? I am scared of failing. In anything. I never want to be a failure.
5. What have I learned up to this point in my life? I have learned that society is very judgmental and will tell you that you are doing wrong, no matter what  you do. So the only thing you can do is be yourself, love yourself, and help others see who they really are.
6. In general, my favorite article of clothing is a dress. Especially in the summer. In specific, my favorite article of clothing is probably any leggings that I own. Because it's winter, and lately I've been OBSESSED with leggings.
7. My fondest childhood memory was when I cut my eyebrows off in fourth grade. Yep. It is true. I snipped them completely away with scissors! Luckily I had big bangs back then and kept them covered all the time. They grew back black and I was SO sad for the longest time because someone told me that since my eyebrows were black, that's what colour my hair was going to be. I did NOT want black hair.
8. In 10 years I hope to be a notorious bank robber. 
FINE. I hope to be done with school, have traveled fairly far, and be married. Maybe with a child. FINE. Hopefully with a child.
9. My favorite holiday? I think people who know me could tell you that I don't have a favorite holiday. Yeah that's right, I'm to cool for dem days. No but really, I love EVERY holiday. Fourth of July might be up near the top, but I couldn't really tell you.
10. Do I love day or night? Night! I used to stay up all night, and I really grew to love it! In the summer especially, I love to go running at night {shhh don't tell my mother} because it's just so peaceful. Every thing in the world is at rest and it's like all the problems of the world are sleeping.
11. What makes me the happiest? Service. I really really REALLY love helping other people and seeing the joy they receive from the help I give. I love friends. And I'm saying friends as a very generalized term, anybody who listens and loves me, I just die with happiness for. OH! And also, I love food. After a long time and constant battle of hating the stuff I've finally discovered how SPLENDID everything tastes. {Except gross stuff, of course.} It's an addiction, but it really does make me happy.

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