Wednesday, March 7, 2012

jw TAG

hey HEY hey,
Now for Jessica Wilson's tag!
I really like this because I use my blog as a journal, so it's fun to have these crazy questions answered!

1. What drives me to get up in the morning? {WARNING: This is SUPER profound.} My alarm. I freaking HATE the sound, and I put it all the way across my room, so once I get up to turn it off, I'M UP.
2. When was I the most happy? When I took my first breath of life. But I don't really remember that...Sooo  i'll just be honest. Everyday I discover something happy! I couldn't tell you a time, because it changes with every passing day! {Yesterday it was when I ate Oreos given to me by a secret admirer.}
3. Do I like being scared? YES. In movies? HECK YES.
4. My greatest accomplishment? Was when I actually put ALL my laundry away today instead of throwing it somewhere.
5. Favorite subject in school? Recess. LOL. I like English, and I took an alien class last year. That was tight.
6. My last meal consisted of PIZZA. Yep. We had some "Boboli" kit stuff, and so I cooked me a pizza. It was delicious.
7. For my first kiss story you may click here.
8. Running or working out? I love to run! But actually no, I hate it. I just do it because that's what the doctors tell me to do. But I don't like working out either, so that's why I said running. Unless it's yoga. I like that.
9. Hot or cold? HOT. Like is that even a question? C'mon Jess....
10. Favorite animal? I don't have a favorite. But I can tell you what I DON'T like: baboons, snakes, rats, gerbils, mice, lizards {is that a bug or an animal?}, BIRDS, and chinchillas.
11. A defining moment in my life? Probably was when I realized that I can do whatever the heck I want. {In a good way} and that I hold the power for ME.
OR when I discovered my testimony of the gospel.

Thanks Jess! 
People who read my blog probably get sick of these tag things, but I told you, it's like I'm in middle school: IT ROCKS. {Side-note, middle school sucked, but these note things rock.}

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