Monday, April 30, 2012


My days at Lagoon Amusement Park were cut short yesterday, as I stepped away from the company that I have dedicated myself to for the past two summers. 
It was a very hard decision, but after I spent weeks thinking about what I want from life, and how to achieve my goals, I realized that my first step was to take a step away from Lagoon.
In March of this year I was promoted to be a supervisor in area 5, and I loved it. I worked with Samantha Newman, Amanda Windwalker, and Drew Daily. And the coordinator over our area was princess Cesar salad. I LOVED this area. 
My experiences working at Lagoon over the years have never been quite as fun as this summer was going to be. But I spent a great deal of time praying about it, and even though the choice was hard, (and currently is very sketch considering I don't have a full-time job any longer {call me up people!}), and turning in my uniform and manual/clocking out for the last time was so depressing, I know that it was the right thing to do. And I know that one day I will not regret the decision I have made.
Yesterday I went a bit crazy trying to document my last day at work, and if any of my managers saw this they would flip knowing that I had my phone out all day... {But I don't work there any longer soooooo....}

Opening Kiddie Land for the last time.
Shiz birds. One thing I will never ever, in a million -billion years, miss. Yuck yuck yuck.
Last break with Jeff & Tony. 
Minutes left!
AREA 5 SUPERS! Hotties. Wish I could have gotten to know these girls better.
Autumn (my favorite Team Lead) & I in the supervisor office. Sad day. No more.
The only bird I have ever liked. These peacocks were the stupidest  animals alive.
Area 5 clipboard. Everything about this I will miss.
Luckily alls-well, ends-well. I will be replaced by Justin Naylor (Toast), and everything will turn out fine.

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