Thursday, April 12, 2012

s u m m e r

Well the weather outside sure does not look very summer-y, but I am so happy!
Today is SUCH a good day! 
I got to wake up, take a test in my PJ's, sell my books back, and finally to declare it SUMMERTIME!
I'm pretty content with my grades, and happy to have finished a semester successfully.
Today is also a great day because guess what!
Six months ago today I went on the very first date with Erron! Yep, that's right.
I feel like it was just last week that we met, but then again I cannot believe that it's only been six months.
So there we were, hanging out after church FHE {flirting up a STORM with one another}, when he tells me, "I have to take you out on a real date." So he asked me if I liked Indian food {I think...} and we planned to go on a double with some of his married friends. {Julie & Ben} I told him that I would love to go out with him, and that I'd try anything once. Well the Indian thing crumbled and we ended up at Ho-Ho Gourmet. {Yum!} After we finished our meal, we went and saw Real Steel at the cinema in Bountiful. And Erron and I spent the entire time making fun of it.
My biggest impression of the date was basically: "This kid is SO funny. He has the best sense of humor ever and I have never really connected with anybody this well!" 
Yeah, it was a pretty amazing date. (: And in the six months since then, I've grown to love him even more than I ever thought was possible. 
So cute.

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