Monday, May 7, 2012

no wifi up in here

The wifi at my house is out for vaca. 
JK's my box thingy with all the power is just a-broken.
So I am typing this at the public library.
{Fun fun fun!}
So last night I went to a fireside, 
and I ended up having some strange boy plop down right next to me.
I was sitting in the middle of a million empty chairs. 
He sat next to me.
Most awkward boy I have met last week.
He wouldn't stop talking, and critizing/flirting. 
It was beyond irritating as I was trying to feel the spirit.
But he was a nice boy and when he said "We should hang out!" I couldn't refuse, and ended up giving him my number, when asked.
Today I owned up and told him about my boyfriend, {that is SO not me} and he got offended and sad and hurt.
Well now I am sitting in the library, and guess who I ran into? Yep, that's right. It's him.
Stephen. {Yep, Like Stephan.}
In the flesh.
Reading a book.
At the library.
Who does that!?
Awkward....I mean I can still be friends with you if I have a bf. Don't get all craaay up on me.
Anyways, so I tried to avoid him and ended up {possibly} running into someone, losing my balance, and falling over. Do you think he saw me!?
Yeah, Chels, he saw it ALL.

Okay, moving on, I must admit that I have a guilty pleasure. 
Desperate Housewives.
I have watched every episode of this show.
That's 8 seasons.
And as I just watched the one from last night, I was almost brought to tears.
{Like when one of the main characters that I loved died a few weeks ago, THOSE kind of tears.}
It's just so sad to see it ending next week. The girls are hilarious and this show has had such an effect on my life.
Yes, it can be terrible at times. And I'm not a big TV person, so I have no idea why I am really obsessing over this, but it's true.
I'm not going to lie. I just want Tom & Lynette to get back together. If all else goes to shiz, at LEAST give me that.
I just cannot wait to see how it all turns out, next week.
Wisteria Lane will be missed by me.

So anyways, yesterday at church my boyfriend {the cutey-patooty} and I were having a war on his phone.
It started when I times-ed a bunch of numbers together and told him "this is how much I love you." {All proud and happy-like.}
And then he added onto that and so on and so on.
Wellllllll. The little weasel showed me up!
I think I'm getting all high on my number since it says something like "1e285" or something of the sorts.
When suddenly Erron takes the phone from me and multiplies this number by a bunch of numbers.
Infinity! What a bum.
I cannot believe that little punk got that number!
But I must say, it was very surprising and cute.
And I might admit {off the record} that it made me so so SO happy!

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