Friday, July 20, 2012

Life Today

I'd like to take a moment to express my disappointment in society today.
Like I was telling my co-workers today, "we shouldn't have to have rules on what we can wear to a movie. And we shouldn't have to walk through metal detectors to enjoy a show. It's just so sickening."
It blows my mind when I think of how far we have come. People used to be content just reading books, listening to musical instruments, and singing. 
Yes, that was a long time ago. A time before the lightbulb was invented and before the US Postal Service existed.
But how have we come for being content with the little things to all of the sudden being bored if we don't have our phones on us every twenty-three seconds? How have we gone from fighting for our freedom to fighting for fun? 
{I know I'm super naive, but it seriously boggles my mind!}
When I heard about the massacre that happened last night, I was partially stunned.
Yes, PARTIALLY. What have I become!? {I'mma monster!} 
But while I have been sick to my stomach all day and I can't stop praying for the victims families, there is a small {tiny-weeny} part of my being that isn't surprised.
We live in a day when playing war games is considered an acceptable use of time. A day where people have parties just to play these violent games. A day where movies contain R rated material JUST for violence. 
Disgusting, right??
Which brings me back to my original statement of "how have we come to this point?" 
I, personally, cannot tolerate violence. I don't like it in movies, I don't like it in games, and {of course} I don't like it in real life. I don't understand how watching a movie or playing a game with graphic images of people gunning down other people and "winning" over it, can be conducive. {Truthfully though, I really really really do like "The Dark Knight." Don't judge me!}
But, everyone is different and some people enjoy these form of recreation. {No judgement to you!}
Which is how I come to be PARTIALLY surprised.
When we condition ourselves that violence is a sport, something used for fun rather than defense, that is the point when society becomes messed up.
This poor man {who has ruined the lives of so many} most likely did not grow up with ambitions of murdering innocent people. {Or maybe he did, I'm not him, I wouldn't know.} But through the conditioning that society makes acceptable, he probably came to a point where just playing violent on the Xbox didn't cut it. I'm positive that he came to a point where he just HAD to live it out. 
Which is where he crossed the line and became evil.
{And hey, I will not get into my viewpoints on concealed weapons; even though I really really really really really cannot stand that any hobo Joe on the street can qualify to carry a gun around in his left pocket. I'm totally against guns. But I won't get into that at all (;}
I know I'm pretty much a six-year-old in my viewpoints on happiness. 
I'm like this:
But seriously, why can't we just be content with the little things? Why can't we all just work our hardest and find joy in life WITHOUT having to be entertained every dang second of every day. 
Why don't we all just shut off our electronics every once in awhile and read Pride & Prejudice together? 
Wouldn't that be much happier?

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