Thursday, July 19, 2012

I believe in...

This comes from Megan's blog.
And yes, I just couldn't resist!
I believe in myself. I am pretty freaking amazing. I mean how many people do you know that can bargain shop like a pro, bake like a queen {even though queen's don't bake...}, look like a goddess, lip-sync like a pop-star, and sleep-eat like it's nobody's business? All that and STILL be smart in school, healthy as I'll get out, and funny as can be.
I believe in prayer. Even if I wasn't religious I'd probably still believe in this one. Prayer keeps our relationship with Heavenly Father strong, and helps us navigate through this life.
I believe in SMOOTHIES. They will always be delicious. {Maybe I'm just thirsty right now...}
I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And in cahoots, I believe that Jesus Christ gave himself that we may all be saved using the power of repentance. And I believe that we do have the power of the priesthood on this Earth today and through that and the powers of latter-day revelation, we are guided through life with Heavenly Father by our side.
I believe in eating when I'm hungry. Why else would my stomach be growling?
I believe in love. True love. I know that if not abused, the powers of true love can conquer anything. 
I believe in medicine. I have faith in today's scientific advances in medicine. They are here to help us be healthy and strong and we should embrace them.
I believe families. Just like true love, when used properly, families can do ANYTHING together.
I believe in miracles. Big and small. And I believe that they happen everyday, we just don't always see them.
I believe in Santa Claus. And the spirit of Christmas.
I believe in music. No matter who you are or what you are doing, a positive song can ALWAYS lift your spirit.
I believe in sleeping-in every once in awhile. It's good to kick back and be lazy sometimes.
I believe in happiness. We are on earth to do good and enjoy bliss. And EVERYONE has the opportunity to be happy. Even in rotten situations, you can ALWAYS find the bright side.

That isn't all, but lets be honest, you probably didn't read it all anyway. 

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