Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My address is...

Why yes, children of the world, I do still live here. Thank you for asking.
I know that I never update this blog like, well, ever. But I am still alive, and would love to write a blog for all you fine folks who read this. {Hi Mom!}
Working at the dry cleaners is awesome, as always. Today was super slow and I just sat back slurping a keva until my brains froze, and then I got up and walked around a bit, only to sit back down. 
And then I went to Target to do some returns.
Yesterday I bought a whole {crapload} bunch of fun stuff to take pictures with. Including rain boots, umbrella's, headbands, and clothes; but to my dismay the rain stopped and Erron & I were left to take our engagement pictures {by Hailee Henson} in the sunshine. Boooooooo.
Just kidding, that's probably the first time that has ever been said. EVER.
It was quite a grand time.
Hai-Hai knows lots of good looking places to make our hair look done, our teeth look white, and our eyeballs look bright. Seriously, such a fun time!
Hailee took us to this abandoned house on Redwood Road that I pretty much fell in love with. I don't know what it was about the place that was amazing....I mean the wall paper was falling off the walls, some {stupid} girl had graffitied (sp?) her name all over the place. But the mysteriousness {it's a word!} and the beauty of the house was just so overwhelming!
Long story short, I am here now, typing this up/making wedding plans. 
It's more than I thought it would be-but definitely not hard, and definitely fun fun fun!

That is all. Long story short.

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