Saturday, July 7, 2012

National Kissing Day

Sooo yesterday {July 6, 2012} was National Kissing Day.
And usually I kinda laugh when people say things like that, but I pretty much think that the cutest thing that could ever happen, happened on my NKD. 
What could have been so amazing, you may say?


I'm engaged.


Yesterday was just a normal day of my life. And actually a pretty terrible one if you ask me. It seemed like I couldn't get along with anyone! I got into an argument with my co-worker {say what!?}, and everything that happened just seemed to go the wrong way.
Then, Erron came into my work as a complete surprise with a Diet Coke, and a vase empty with 3 flowers. Yes, there were only 3 red roses in it! But honestly I thought it looked nice, even though looking back now, it must have looked super terrible. But anyways. Erron then said to me: "By the time you have enough flowers to fill this vase, I will propose." To which I responded, "So in like 3 days before the flowers die?" To which his face dropped and he said, "flowers don't last for a few weeks??"
I could not stop laughing. Mostly because inside my stomach was churning. {I get nervous at EVERYTHING.} And I abruptly asked him to leave the store because I needed to get some work done. {Oh and I was going to puke...}

Well fast forward to when Erron is picking me up for our date to go ziplining with Jenny & Josh. {Our good friends.}
We went to Wendy's, got a Root Beer float. {Oh my gosh so good! Best part of the night! ....Almost...} And headed down to Provo. I was sick the ENTIRE way. Erron even offered {many} times to take me home. But I knew that my nervousness about ziplining was probably what was making me sick, and knew I had to stick it out. 
Erron and I started driving through the mouth of the Provo Canyon, and were having a jolly-good time when some crazy man hauling a fifth wheel clipped Erron's car and completely obliterated the mirror on the passenger side. At this point Erron was stressed out of his mind. So I calmed him down, reminded him that it was only a mirror, and told him we have a lot more to worry about. Like falling off the zipline.
We finally got to the site {I had to go to the bathroom like crazy, but to my dismay there was no bathroom within walking distance, so I held it. TMI}, met with Jenny & Josh, got all geared-up, and started up the mountain. 
The first zip was perfect. Not too fast, and not too long. I really enjoyed it! {Breath of fresh air!} 
Within all of the zips {5} Erron kept telling me things that later, I would realize were dead give-a-ways, but I was so oblivious that it seemed like it was nothing.
"There is a surprise for you at the bottom." X3
"I really hope you like your surprise at the very bottom." X2
"I hope this is the best date that you have had so far." X1
"...Hopefully the future Mrs. Bartleson." X1
YEAH. Plenty o' hints.
We then proceeded from zip to zip and ended up at the last one. I should have known that the guides were in on it the entire time as they pushed Erron off so fast on the last zip. They also didn't even give me a chance to go anything but dead last. 
Josh then proceeded to go.
And then Jenny.
And then I jumped up to be hooked up, and got all pumped to go, and then WAITED. 
It was seriously like ten minutes. {Which is forever when you are standing a million feet above ground.}
My guide was taking phone calls, giving me physics lessons, showing me how strong the trees are, and basically doing everything to NOT send me down. 
Finally, I had the opportunity to jump off the platform and make my way to the bottom. {Where I expected to be un-hitched, go back to the trailer, thank everybody involved, and drive away, proceeded by me using the restroom at the Olive Garden (Since I was pre-informed that we were going there.)}
As I near the final platform I see people. LOTS of people. People I don't know, but too many to be watching a girl from Bountiful go down a zipline in Provo. WAY too many.
And then I see Erron. 
In a suit. 
With a sign nearby that says "I have a question."
With rose petals everywhere.
And THEN it hits me.
And my stomach goes bananas. 
I'm pretty sure that if I wasn't scared of falling off the zipline, I would have fainted. {I tell you, I get super nervous!}
And then I see Erron's mom in the background crying. And got a little jealous that she was there and not my mother, but then brought my focus back to the man in the suit bouncing from one knee to standing back and forth. He was shaking like a mad-man.
Everything from there is a blur. 
I know I got un-hitched from the zipline, but I don't remember it happening. I know that I walked up closer to Erron, but I don't remember it happening. 
I know that Erron asked me, in a cute-I'm-really-nervous-right-now voice, Chelsey Laura Tufts will you marry me? Yes, I do remember that happening.
And then next thing I know, I see JJ {his brother} in a tree, and then this man with this huge camera is walking around behind Erron. And someone exclaims, "Oh by the way the news is here!" {Erron may have said that.}
Well good thing I had no idea they were there otherwise I would have completely freaked out.
Anyways, Erron was a good boy and told them to hide because he wasn't the one that actually called them, and he didn't want any added pressure to be on me.
{Thanks boy!}
The news people interviewed us, and then I just couldn't stop thinking about how everyone knew about the plan the entire time. I kept asking everybody about if they knew, and of course everyone did! 
We then proceeded to take pictures, and then find our way to the Olive Garden. Where I told Erron I should have known he was going to propose, because OG is my favorite restaurant, and Erron never takes me there.
When we arrived at the Olive Garden I was finally able to use the restroom, and consequently enjoy the rest of my evening in peace.
I'm so blessed to be surrounded by everyone who loves me. I have amazing friends and family, and all of whom are totally supportive and long for my happiness!
I am also so blessed to be engaged to such an amazing boy. Erron may seem goofy at times {not nearly enough to be close to my level!}, but he is such an intelligent man. He constantly is teaching me things in every aspect of life. {Sometimes, as he knows, a little bit too much.} Spiritually he is a giant, and I only pray that one day I can catch up to him in gospel knowledge. He has such a big heart and mind and helps motivate me to become stronger for myself. 

So, uh, how was YOUR National Kissing Day?


  1. Oh my freaking gosh. That's the best story I've ever heard. I'm actually crying happy tears right now because I'm so excited fir you. I love you Chels!

  2. Congratulations, Chelsey! I'm really happy for you :) You deserve nothing less, girl.

  3. That is so awesome!! I'm so happy for you!!! Congrats!!

  4. Hola!
    Soy amiga de Erron, de la mision.
    Me ha encantado leer tu historia :-)
    Una forma muy original de pedirte matrimonio.
    Erron, es una persona maravillosa, muy especial para mi y mi familia.
    Y seguro tu eres igual de estupenda que él.
    Muchisimas felicidades a los dos!!!!