Monday, July 23, 2012

Plans & Plans

Today was the first day that everything really really started to come together with the wedding details!
I got to go to Ensign Florist, and pick out various flowers for my arrangements in my bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, and centerpieces. I was lucky enough to have the wedding expert Catie Tufts {my own aunt!} come and help me, along with my mother and Ashley-Kate.
After we figured out details on the flowers we ran a quick dr's appointment and it was on to the Bridal Gown shop!
I had seen a name on a wedding gown that came through at the dry cleaners, it was "Fantasy Bridal." The dress that I detailed was super beautiful and modest, and didn't look over the top, so I thought I would give them a quick check-out. What could be the harm? 
Holy-Guacamole I found the best dress in the entire world. It is SO gorgeous! It's short sleeves with sequins and beads and the fabic is white as snow. {Well, actually whiter since deer and wolves pee in snow..}
My mother and sister loved it as well, and with my luck, it was a STEAL of a deal. I think I am in love. {With Erron, of course. But with the dress as well!}
So my gracious parents talked about it on the phone and decided that if I really loved it, that I could make it mine. YAY!
On our way home we stopped by the park where I am going to be having my reception and looked it over. It's beautiful place with lots of trees. 
And I just found out my photographer is available on the 27th of September!
Annnnnnnnnnd the most important of all, I got my letter from the Bountiful Temple today! {Erron already got one for us, but hey it's cool to have my own!}

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