Monday, July 30, 2012

The Best Poem I've Ever Written {Besides the One in my High School Yearbook}

Today I woke up.
Today I drank water.
Today I washed my face.
Today I did not brush my teeth.
Today I put on make-up.
Today I wore a bun in my hair.
Today I ate a breadstick for breakfast.
Today I drove to work at the dry cleaners.
Today I clocked-in.
Today I took my new dress to the dry cleaners to have some grease taken out.
Today I did my job. 
Today I ate ravioli's from Olive Garden for lunch.
Today I clocked out.
Today I drove home.
Today I made wedding plans.
Today I changed my blog.
Today I took a picture of me pointing to my bun. {As seen above.}
Today I wrote this blog.
And now, today, I am off to enjoy life.

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