Friday, August 3, 2012

Jessica Wilson & Nordstrom Day

Check this out:

I have the best friends EVER! 
SO sweet, thank you so so so so so much Jessica! {My most long-lasting friend!}

So getting my wisdom teeth out was AMAZING!
I seriously feel fine!
And I'm totally going with the whole pineapple theory.
The night before my surgery I ate like a bowl full of pineapple and I really don't think I'm too swollen! Plus, I'm up and about and totally fine!
Today I even went to Nordies with my mother to find an outfit for my wedding. 
Seriously, I have one hot mama!
{Sorry to embarrass you Mom!}
Then I came home, had some soup {still on a liquid diet...can you say STARVING!?} and now I'm headed to eat some mashed potato's and pudding.
{If you want to smuggle me some REAL food, I'd most def appreciate it.}

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