Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Holy crap.
Soooo it's 1:59 am and I just woke up. 
I feel like I've slept for 1,000+ days.
Oh and I feel like I'm going to vom. { <-----vomit}
It might have something it do with the fact that I took a Lortab before falling into my peaceful slumber. 
I never believed my mother when she said "It makes your stomach very ill..." And I most def should have listened.
Anyways, I'm super loopy and had a sudden urge to blog. {Not because I'm loopy, but because it can't get it out of my head, therefore preventing my sleep.}
And all I can think about is how I want to live in a quiet town somewhere on the East Coast.
I mean seriously, how could you NOT want to live here:
the place is practically a poster for happiness.
I just want a white picket fence, and a big backyard.
And for my head to stop itching. Is this a symptom of taking meds?
All I can say {after all that's been said} is thank GOODNESS my teeth aren't hurting. 
I'll take the loopiness over the discomfort I've felt the last couple nights.
Today Marz took me to KFC.
Evident below:
It was finger-lickin' good! {Or whatever their slogan is...}
The girl who took the picture told me I looked like I was having a hernia. 
Thank you KFC girl.
Speaking of going-out, my sweetheart took me out for fro-yo last week when I got my teeth out.
And instead of going to my favorite place on Earth, he remembered about this cool new place featuring Hello Kitty, and took me there!
How amazingly nice is that!? 
And it was such a cute place! They even gave me a HK spoon! {His was the penguin. Cute. But not as cute as mine.}
Well, I need sleep before I hurl.
Plus I have to work tomorrow/today.

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