Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 3

My favorite store?
Well, dayyyum. This one is HARD. 
I don't even think I have a place to start!
Because when I plan to go shopping, it all depends on what I need. But seriously, if I could shop all day everyday, I would be happy.
Maybe Target? 
Target is a DANG good store. They have everything, and everything they have is cute.
Maybe TJ Maxx too?
I really like TJ's because it's so CHEAP! And they are really really really good stuff!
And you can find anything you need there. From water to jelly-bellies, to shoes and pillow shams.
Those are probably my top two favorite places to shop.
If I could say another place I might say Bath and Body Works.
Just because I used to HATE this place. {When I couldn't smell anything.} It was seriously torture!
But now that I can smell again, I LOVE IT! 
It's like paradise. 

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