Saturday, September 1, 2012


If I had to pick a favorite celebrity I would hands down {probably} choose Gwen Stefani.
Seriously, she is so freaking beautiful and so talented, and she just, ah!
The only song that I can't stand of hers is "Sweet Escape." And I think that's just because it was overplayed. 
Remember this?
Yeah, freaking amazing.
And she even has a new song with No Doubt, and at first I didn't like it, but it's def growing on me.
But my favorite by FAR is this:
I don't think I've ever heard a better song in my life. 
It's so true and sad and happy and whatever else emotions all wrapped up in one song!
Makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time from start to finish.
Plus, look at her! She's 43! And a mother and wife! She's one of those true talents that doesn't have to be a whore to get attention.
Gwen, you rock.

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