Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's get NAKED

If I could sum up today in one word, it would be EMBARRASSING. And horrendous. And terrifying. And scarring. Okay so I lied, I wouldn't have enough words to sum it up in just one word.
It all started today while I was tagging items at the dry cleaners. I was just da de dum and la dee dah.
Everything was dandy.
And then the spirit whispered in my ear and said: "Chels, you really should go to the temple today."
And I thought, "well shucks spirit, you are right! That would totally make my week so much better!" 
And it was then and there that the decision was made.
So fast-forward, there I am in the temple just having a splendid time. I was really happy and could totally feel the spirit. I felt just cheery.
So then I do baptisms, still feeling all happy and huzzah, and grateful to be alive.
Afterwards I have a nice little small talk with the ancient lady assisting me.
I then proceed to take a shower when I am done and still pondering on my experience I'm pretty sure I was still smiling. I was so proud of myself for actually going. {Even though my hair was clean.} 
Well, obviously once you are done showering you walk back to your locker thingy in your towel. 
{This is where it all goes down.}
I take a step out of the shower, and go to put my scrunchie in the "dirty" basket.
As I lift my scrunchie into the basket I realize that the hand the scrunchie was in was also the hand holding up my towel. 
As time stands still, and my body goes numb, my towel falls COMPLETELY to the ground. 
And I don't mean awkwardly halfway down where I have to catch it and run away all embarrassed, NO. ALL THE WAY TO THE COLD HARD GROUND BENEATH MY FEET.
I stand there frozen for .002 seconds, and in those .002 seconds I see the ancient lady slightly reach to help me, but then realize she doesn't want to get involved, and the little girl ahead of me see the whole thing and proceed to turn away as fast as possible. 
I immediately grab the towel and adjust it around my body stealing a glance at the not-so-helpful temple worker. As our eyes meet she says something like "Oh sweetie, it happens to everyone.
Have YOU had a towel commit suicide off of YOUR body?
Yeah, that's what I thought.
But I gave her a quick smile and proceeded to walk away TOTALLY red in the face.
I could not believe it had happened.
I kept thinking I was dreaming and that I would wake up all comfortably in a few seconds. But such was NOT the case. 
Instead, here I am relaying this story to you, my fabulous reader. 
Hoping that through some small miracle, SOMEONE in SOME place of the world will find this funny. 
I'm dying.

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  1. Ahhhhhhh that is soooo embarrassing!!! But such a good story!!! Love you!