Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh and By the Way, You Suck

So after Relief Society today my home teacher Kelton approaches me. 
At first he just says hi, and then after some meaningless small talk he says "I am such a bad home teacher, I haven't contacted you in awhile."
"Oh, you're terrible!"
The second my response had come out, the horror of my error started to set in and I realized that something had gone completely wrong in my head.
My brain must have snoozed for a second or something. 
That was NOT what I meant to say. The second I had said it Zach Zimmerman {who was eavesdropping on the conversation} just BUSTS out into laughter. And poor Kelton, all awkwardly just looks at me with a blank face.
I immediately try to redeem myself by making up sentences using the word "terrible" that I must have been thinking of. {Every single one of them sounding completely wrong.}
SO embarrassing!
I pretty much just walked off.
Seriously, the kid will probably have self-confidence issues about Home Teaching now.
I hope one day, he will find it in himself to forgive me. 

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