Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sorry, Not Sorry

So I am totally revamping my blog. I have been dying for a change lately, and yesterday my friend Katie at school was working on her blog {like seriously making it from scratch} and it hit me! I think working on my blog will help me fulfill that hole in my heart! So I wanted to apologize {not really, who honestly cares} for all the changes my blog is undergoing.

Today is a Tuesday and it is BEAUTIFUL outside. Like sunny, warm, happy, spring-time bliss! But unfortunately there haven't been like any runs today at my work, therefore, Chels is stuck indoors. It's a curse really. Luckily this has given me time to make my blog look snazzy! 

Okay so lately have been having second thoughts about my decision to go into interior design. I know that i want to go into a more "artistic" field, I am just not sure if interior design is it. Last week in my art class {for pretty much beginners and below} we had to draw our "dream house." I was SO excited to do this project because it connected with ID & I usually love doing art projects & I just get so stoked for everything because i drink way too much Diet Coke. 
Well heck to the NO. 
Lets just say, my dream house turned out to me the total opposite. It was not a dream house, for anybody! Seriously, nobody deserved to live there. So it got me thinking. If i can't even draw a dream house that is thought up in my mind and that I sketch out on paper. How am i ever going to design things for clients & make them look stunning & use the space wisely & make everything match & la-de-da-de-da??
I'm not.
So now i'm scared to death & think i need to reconsider my choice.
Any ideas of what you think i would be good at? Seriously though. ANYTHING?

I need to stop second-guessing everything or I will be doomed to NEVER finish school.


  1. Chels,
    I'm sorry you're going through this. My suggestion is to get all of your Gen Eds out of the way and go from there if possible. Explore possibilities and as always...pray about it. You'll know what to do.

    Love ya!

    P.S. I love the glitz.

  2. Hey, Chels!

    I agree with Megan. Get all those general educations out of the way. Did I tell you about how I had to take a science class my last year, and since I hadn't taken a math class in, oh, 5 years, totally forgot how to do things like long division... Anyhow, maybe get all of those ones out of the way first, give you time to think about it?

    I have friends who do photography, and I could put you in touch with one of them if you have questions about how they've done things like start their own businesses. Then, of course, you know Mare (Aunt Mimi) has started her Etsy shop and could probably give some pointers on what would be helpful to take in school, if you are hoping to do something along those lines (like... does she wish she'd taken an accounting class, too?).

    All I can offer is: if you're looking for a time-waster (haha, jk. sorta.) check out Polyvore.com. It's a cool site if you're interested in fashion. You can put together your own outfits. It's a bit harder to do for interior design, but you def. can... It's a good time-waster, though, as I said, so be careful!

    Another thing you may be interested in is graphic design or marketing. But I would start with your generals, then maybe talk to people who are majoring in it: what are their assignments like, what sort of jobs are they hoping to have, etc. etc.