Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Maps

I don't really know why we as a human race put so much faith in the GPS system. Like does anybody really question what the lady on their device is telling them to do? Somehow we just magically listen & follow & end up where we want to be. And it's beautiful & without it, i know that personally, I would be lost. {Both in life, and on the road. I'd probably be somewhere in Canada right now without it.}
However. I want you to be warned the this is the end of the world. 
Lately my Google maps have been acting kinda funky. Like she will tell me the first couple steps & then just stop talking. And there I will be, in the middle of driving somewhere & have to pull over & look up the list directions or refresh the page. Like yesterday, I was just driving a couple streets over from my law firm. So luckily I pretty much knew where i was going, i just wanted to know which side of the street it was on and such. Anyways. I turned it on in my car, she told me to go left, and then didn't speak to me until she unhappily said upon arrival, "You have arrived." I felt like she was giving me the silent treatment! I mean, i'm sorry for whatever i did to make you hate me. I promise we can still be friends! 
But! I got over that fast, and proceeded to live happily. Until today.
Today I needed to pick up a document for my work. So I did what i normally do, and typed in the address, picked the route, and pressed 'start.' All was hunky-dory until i realized that i had been led on a wild goose chase!
Google maps clearly told me to take the I-80 East ramp towards Las Vegas/Cheyenne. So i did. And i DID keep left at the fork! Well, she takes me to some remote location in South Salt Lake, and here i just blindly following her the almighty GPS, when lo and behold she tells me to do a U-turn. I follow. She proceeds to take me BACK from the way I came, REVERSING my car tracks basically! Finally, I arrive at my destination, look at the maps & realize that basically I should have taken the WEST ramp from the beginning. 
I am so livid right now. 
I suppose it was my fault. I should have known to go west since the address had west not east or south in it. But that is besides the point.

So the moral of the story is, we live in dark and perilous times. Watch your back. Eat your vegetables. And don't trust your GPS. Even if it is the almighty Google. Just don't. 


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