Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Save a Life

So last night I had my husband take a look at my blog. I wanted his opinion and boy, did i get it! 
So he goes to my blog {the one that was up yesterday, it had "cheer from chels" in a pink font, and then a pile of silver glitter behind the word "cheer"} and the first thing he says is "Wow, what is that black spot?"
I was heartbroken. 
Ask him.
He then see's how upset i am and attempts to make it better saying things like "well i'm a guy, i don't do glitter." And "they are cool black flecks." In any case, his nice words did not make me feel better. I had not taken a photoshop class in years, and i seriously spent like an hour making it! Super lame, yes i know.
So today i decided to give it another fresh look! I mean it is Springtime {despite the snowfall.} 
SO. Here it is. And I promise i'll one day be done with my changes. I'm just keeping you on your feet YO!

So today i was driving. Duh. And I stopped at a stoplight and looked at the car next to me. This particular car was all tricked out & the driver looked like this gangster out of the hood. He like even had a gnarly face tat to add to his thug-ness. {Don't laugh, i really DO have street-cred.} Well as i just stare at him like an idiot I quickly notice that his lips are perfectly in-sync with the song that is playing in MY car. I hadn't even realized it but i was listening to "How to Save a Life" by The Fray. I hate that song. All of the sudden i was busting a gut! Here is this lone gangster singing his heart and soul out to this like totally whiny depressing song on 97.9. 
So I start to sing along while awkwardly still peering into his space, and suddenly he looks over, glares, and flips me the bird! It was a class act if you ask me. I felt really bad for him as we went our separate ways. Mostly because he was listening to that crappy song, but also because he had a face tattoo. 

In any case, I hope you are having a great day, at least a better one than flipping-finger man in downtown.


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  1. Next time I see your husband I'm going to shout at him "IT'S GLITTER, ERRON!" That made me laugh out loud! And I like your springtime look!