Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Work Perks

I'd like to take a moment to publicly express how much i freaking enjoy my job. 
Let me preface: I am a courier ("runner") for a law firm in the big bad SLC. Right downtown. I have worked here for about 3 months now, and I have a BLAST. I'm one of those people that can't pay attention to one thing for very long. Like i can do homework & sit through classes, but it kills me inside. And it doesn't take very long before i am planning an unrealistic trip across the globe, and thinking about what craft i can do next or what i can make for dinner. I really like to be doing different things all the time. It keeps my brain alert & helps me remember things better. So basically I sit at this beautiful corner desk makeshift office thing and wait for a run somewhere. Usually when i get in around 1 I have a few things to do, and so i'll run those things around town and then come back. On less-busy days i have the opportunity to sit at my desk and study, finish my homework, blog, facebook, pinterest, etc. I'll also help with set-up's for conferences (drinks, water, etc) and basically just do whatever needs to be done. It's so easy, yet i feel like i am accomplishing something & when the days aren't slow i love being outside running around the city, seeing the "sights." It's seriously beautiful.
Then you add in the fact that my husband and i literally work a block away from each other & it goes to a super-love status! Most days we have lunch together, and if i ever want need to drop by, i totally can because that's what i do! 
THEN you add in the fact that they feed me almost on a daily basis. I got salad earlier this week from Kneaders (with yummy strawberry or raspberry dressing to take home), I got cake yesterday for my friend Meredith's birthday, and today i got pasta and salad from Cafe Trio. It's just beautiful! Plus, you people know how much i love candy, right? Well not be overwhelmingly excited but I LOVE CANDY. So when i drop off things, most offices have candy out! I'm pretty sure that taking this job has made me gain weight. 
THEN you add in the fact that i work with great people who are friendly & happy all the time-and my happiness shoots sky-high! Seriously, i do not feel like i work at a law firm at all. Usually lawyers are grumpy and don't say much to the hired help people with my job status. But the ones here will smile at you and have conversations with you & it is such a happy place.
Anyways. That is all i had to say. Come work with me. 


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