Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Ever since high school I have religiously washed my face every single night. Back in the good ol' Wildcat days I had terrible acne and I felt like washing my face was really the only way that I had "control" over it. 
Apparently I didn't know what eye makeup remover was and I scrubbed the hell out of my eyes every single night. Occasionally I would purchase a makeup remover, but I was never religious about using it. 
Last month in my Birchbox I received some makeup remover. One use and I was SOLD. It was amazing! 
Sadly, my sample remover only lasted a week, and I was left feeling really lonely. My husband suggested buying me some, but $30 seemed a little steep. After searching the web and looking at dozens of different recipes, I finally concocted my own little version!

I present to you:

Ingredients needed:
1/4 tsp Baby Oil
1 1/2 tbsp Baby Tear Free Shampoo or Body Wash
1 cup Water
Small container to keep product in

In a small bowl mix together water and body wash.
{Most recipes call for baby shampoo, but I prefer to use body wash. It's still tear-free, but I prefer to not smother my eyeball in shampoo. Ouch!}

After you have mixed both water and body wash together add the baby oil. 

Then pour into container and make sure you shake well before each use!

I've been enjoying mine, and I LOVE the smell! It's not like that nasty oily smell that usually comes with makeup remover. Make sure to let me know how YOURS goes!


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