Friday, August 16, 2013

Finer Things-Chocolate Cake

You all know I'm a sucker for the finer things in life, right?
At least I can say my husband knows this. Sometimes I feel like a princess, but I cannot help having a taste for richness.

And I'm proud to have one of my best friends feel the same. 
Samuel Tanner & I have known each other since grade school. We're homies, yo. 
So last night I put together a light dinner & dessert party for him. {Party of three, that is.} 

And DANNG did I find the most delicious, richest, and best cake to make. IT WAS PERFECT. I'd like to give a shoutout to my Target RedCard, because without it's discount I could not have purchased the nicest and most expensive ingredients in the store. Regardless of what this poor newlywed college girl had to pay for this cake, it tasted like heaven inside heaven. I will most definitely be making this cake again. 

Happy Birthday Vice President Sam!

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