Tuesday, August 13, 2013

High School Popularity

You know what I'm talking about. And even more, you know WHO I'm talking about. Those three words: {high-school-popularity-referred to as HSP} can bring so many images and emotions back to your body. You might have feelings of anger when you hear them. Like you don't want to remember what happened. Or you may feel reminiscent, like you want to go back. Those were your glory days. That was your time.
For me, high school was meh. It wasn't that I hated it, I probably enjoyed it way more than the majority of Americans. But I didn't love it. Mostly because, my senior year I spent:
G R O U N D E D.
Yep. It sucked donkeys *you know what*. Apparently I did something at the beginning of the year to kick the "I'm a terrible child" field goal of my parents minds.
And I'm going to let you in on a little secret, it doesn't matter how incredibly pretty/funny/popular you were before your senior year. If you weren't the shiz during that last layer of high school cake, you wont be any of that afterwards. You'll be like me. SOL & sailing down the river of "find your new identity." And it sucks. Kinda.
And it doesn't matter who you are in college or where you work or any of that after high school. That might be fine & dandy around your COLLEGE friends or around your COWORKERS, but around your CLASSMATES OF [insert year of graduation here] they honestly wont give a flying duck.
At parties, and weddings, and high school reunions, you will always be that person you were in the 12th grade. It's the weirdest thing really. Take a recent encounter I had at a wedding reception, for example. Here I am, talking, laughing, enjoying the good life with some girls I was fairly close to in high school when who strolls into the place? Only the most popular girl from our class. *Of course...* All of the sudden the connection I had with these flip-flops was broken. As soon as "what's her face" walked in, it was buh-bye Chels. I'm really not bitter, something else you'll learn as grow older is 'who the fudge' cares about HSP. It's more of just an annoyance if anything, like "Why do you care about them still??" and "I know you guys aren't like best friends now or anything so why do you give a unicorns poop about them?" 
{I'm as guilty as anyone on this. But to be fair, aren't we all??}
Those of you still in high school: Be popular. But if not, don't worry. College is the bomb.com.
Those of you who were popular in high school: I don't understand your magical powers against those of us who were just mere school folk. If you could teach me that would be cooler than dancing leprechauns.
And to those of you who were just meh in high school: {So like everyone except like 3 people} You rock. Come party at my house sometime.
Here is this:
You're welcome.


  1. Ha ha ha. This is fantastic. I'm right there with you. I can't figure out what it is either.

    1. Right?? Thanks for agreeing, some people were very confused about this post. Ha