Thursday, September 19, 2013

The {LAST} Name Game

Roughly one year ago {next Friday to be EXACT}, Erron & I were married in Bountiful Utah, USA. And here I sit, a week short of my first anniversary, still holding on to my "maiden" name. 
Sure, I did the whole "make it facebook official" thing & added my husbands last name to mine about a week after we had wed. And thus it was born. The new Chelsey B.

For awhile I got caught up in the whole "I'm a Bartleson now!" and "No more Tufts, I hated that name anyways because it was soooooooo complicated."

MAN did I jinx myself.

I don't know if it was wedding fog that made me neglect to realize that Bartleson is a helluva hard name, or if people could really just say/spell/understand it correctly during those first few months. Whatever it was, it worked. I was convinced. I started introducing myself as "Chelsey Bartleson" and I even changed my email address. {I know, I get pretty cray.. (; } However as soon as I had unofficially declared myself Bartleson, the 'problems' arose. 

Everywhere I went people did a double-take, they could never get it right. It was Tufts all over again, but this time with FOUR extra letters! {First world probs, amiright?} It was "how do you say that?" and "where does that name come from????" and "can you spell that just one.more.time.

It's not that I hate the name, that is faaar from the truth. I mean, it's second in the alphabet, it gets people to pay extra attention to me {SCORE!}, and most importantly: the person I love most in this world HAS IT FOR A LAST NAME! 

But is it pesky, yes.

Plus, since I have to go wait in a government office to change it {and we know that's not going to happen....} I just haven't seen the need to. However now that I haven't done that, my work knows me by Tufts, my bank knows me by Tufts, and everywhere I order take-out from knows me as Tufts. {Hey, it's a short name! Why take the time spelling out those FOUR extra letters while those people could be making my food. C'mon guys... Get real.} 

And here I am with my head in a tangle, writing this very annoying blog post. 

Essentially I've decided that I will not be official changing my last name. At least not until I have a good reason to. 

Legally, I am Chelsey Tufts.

Socially, who the freak cares.

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