Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No Job

Here I am. At 1:37 PM. Still in my pjams, and with no makeup on my face. I haven't showered yet, and I still need to eat something more than the delicious donuts I fried up this morning.

This is what a typical day in the life of Chelsey has been lately. Well, not quite this extreme. I have coined the term "second-sleep" and most days I lounge around in sweats if I don't have anywhere to be, BUT no. This is not the typical life of Chelsey Tufts. 

However, not having a job is hard work! I mean there might be humans out there that would dream about lying around doing nothing day after day, week after week. And to be honest, who wouldn't? The first few weeks are heaven! It's like a vacation, but PERMANENT! But then it hits that point 2 weeks and 5 days later when you've scoured your entire house, baked up every sngle recipe you've ever wanted to try, and watched all the seasons of a new cool tv show you discovered, and you no longer have any desire to stay home.

That was February.

Here we are, 15th of May 2014, and I am still not employed. And nearly dying because of it. I guess there are things I could do. I mean, I could probably apply to work at some chain restaurant, or at the local market, but after working in a professional setting, I've been ruined. I've been spoiled to the point where I don't even want to try to apply for those "teenage jobs." How terrible is that? It might be awful, but it also explains why I am still in my jammies on a Wednesday afternoon. (Can you say loser??) 

But it isn't like I haven't tried. Have I tried my hardest? Not recently, but there was a point where all I did was apply for jobs all day long, and call the people up about the jobs I applied for 2 days prior. Then it hit a point where the depression sunk in. I only got a handful of interviews, and no calls returned following them. So when we moved down to Highland, I promised myself that I would get back into the game, and find myself a job by June. I've had a couple of interviews and in fact, on Monday I interviewed for this totally amazing job, and I hope hardcore-that I GET IT. 

They told me I would hear from them on Wednesday or Thursday. So here I am blogging, hoping that I'm not jinxing the entire system by telling you I WANT THAT JOB.

I'll keep you updated, especially if you promise to say a little prayer for me.... (;

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  1. Ugh... I lost my job a few years ago when we were first married and it was the worst. At first I loved not having to be anywhere or do anything, but it gets old after awhile, especially while struggling with anxiety! You're in my prayers!