Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Healthy Cinnamon Oatmeal

A few months ago I decided that I was going to get on a healthier track of eating and living. Which lasted for less than a week, and then off and on since then. However, I can honestly say that for the most part- I've been doing a lot better with my eating habits. I try to only buy fresh foods. And I have stopped binging on sweets.

This has become my morning "go-to" recipe. If you love oatmeal, you're in for a treat. It's very natural, and I've found myself craving it's sweetness, even though there is less than a tbsp on sugar in it.

 1/4 Cup Old Fashioned Oats
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Tbsp-1 Tbsp Sugar in the Raw
1/4 tsp Maple Extract
1/4 tsp Vanilla
1/2 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon
Pinch of Cloves
Pinch of Salt

Mix all ingredients into a microwave safe bowl. Mix together until everything is completely immersed.

Microwave to desired consistency. I usually set it for 2:30 but end up mixing it a couple times throughout, and then taking it out right before it hits the 2:30 mark.

Stir up, and try not to burn your tongue as you gobble it down!

That's IT!
Bon appetite! (:

Let me know what your favorite breakfast food is! Is it healthy? Or just indulgent? (:


  1. This looks delicious! I eat maple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast every morning, usually with some fruit and a scrambled egg. I always feel guilty when I use the Quaker Oatmeal pouches, though. This will be a perfect and probably much cheaper substitution! Thank you!! PS I'm totally pinning this recipe!

    1. Thank you for your comment Heather! I literally don't get tired of this taste and it saves a chunk of cash because a huge thing of rolled oats is like $2! Bon appetite! (: