Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mexico 2014-Part 6

Kit, Bobby, Mandy, Erron and I all decided that we wanted to visit the "blue lagoon" again. Bobby and Mandy hadn't been & Mandy wanted a calm, peaceful place to snorkel. Since there were 3 kayaks, it turned out perfectly. Kit took the one person kayak, and rocked it like a boss, while the rest of us wimped up and went with our spouses. Erron and I shared an oar that Bob and Kit had re-purposed to work. {Holla duck tape!} 

The sky was beautiful as we headed out, and getting around the bend to the lagoon was a cinch.

We docked our kayaks on the sharp rocks and dove right into the water. The snorkeling there was incredible. The water was crystal clear, and {at least to me} fairly warm. Erron and I took off on our own and found a few cool places where you could literally peer over rock cliffs and watch the gentle ocean life swim right in front of your face and down into the mini gulf. 

After about an hour everybody started to get tired and we decided to head back. It didn't hurt that while we were getting our kayaks back in the ocean we realized that a storm was rapidly approaching.

Bobby and Mandy went first, then Kit, and then Erron and I paddled out to sea. The clouds were dark, and in the short amount of time that the sky had switched from blue to grey, the waves had consequently turned from soothing to scary. They were pounding on the rocks, and we paddled like there was no tomorrow to avoid being crashed into the jagged shore. Bobby and Mandy were the first ones back, followed by Kit, and then Erron and I pulled in after a good 40-45 minutes after leaving the lagoon. My arms were sore, and I was so thirsty I wanted to just dip my head in the sea and drink it all in!

We all headed inside to enjoy some sandwiches and chips.

Erron and I had a fight that day. Fights with Erron are the worst and the best. Let me explain. I don't enjoy fighting, and during the fight I always want to just go back to the normal way we were before whatever happened. But at the same time, our fights are the best because we are so good a communicating with each other. I don't say that to brag, I'm not proud of fighting with my true love, but I have never felt such a near-perfect level of communication with any other human being.

I was upset with Erron because he didn't like to stay in the water as long as I did. There was something else to our fight, but I don't remember. I felt like I couldn't really go do as many fun things without him. He was my buddy, and I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it.

We didn't speak well for a couple hours, and finally I pulled him from the condo and told him we were going to talk on the beach.

We went down and sat in the sand and awkwardly sat for a few minutes, but once we began to talk, we let it all out. I am able to express to him my feelings about something so completely. And from what I can tell, he can do the same with me. We compromised, and made up and finally {finally} we were back to the lovey-dovey state that we are usually in.

As we wrapped up laughing and chatting on the beach it started to shower, so we ran through the dotted sand back to our condo. There we enjoyed the rest of the night around the pool and indoors watching movies with the family, complete with Twizzlers and popcorn, of course. (:

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  1. So... can Nate and I take fighting lessons from you two? We are not anywhere near the level of healthy communication you guys are at when it comes to conflict. And I bet being at the beach didn't hurt your ability to make up, either! Also, I just have to say that you have a beautiful way of writing. I feel like I'm there when I'm reading your posts about your vacation!