Friday, June 6, 2014

Mexico 2014 Part 1

Last Saturday May 31, 2014, Erron and I got back from the biggest trip we've ever taken together. We spent 2 full weeks in Puerto Adventuras, Mexico with Bob and Kate, Kit, Bobby and Mandy and their two children Kaila and Miah. I'd been to Mexico as a child, but nothing that I remembered, and DANG was it fun! Although the moment we stepped off the plane, I totally had doubts. It was so sticky that I immediately felt my hair on the back of my neck cling to my skin. Erron kept saying how much he loved humidity, but I was so miserable. It took all of about 10 minutes to get through customs, and then we were officially in Mexico! 

We took a seemingly quick taxi ride from the airport in Cancun to Puerto Adventuras. The taxi man pulled up to our condo, a cute place called Quintas Del Sol. We grabbed our luggage and made our way inside the complex and up the itty-bitty elevator to our condo 315. The first thing everybody did after taking a quick peek around our place was jump into swimsuits and walk down to the beach, which was literally a few steps away. 

The moment I set foot on the beautiful white sand, I felt like I was in a dream. Just the fact that I was in such a gorgeous place with the love of my life seemed too good to be true! 

We played around in the ocean a little bit, the water was much warmer than that of the waters in California that I am used to. You didn't quite have to "become numb" before you could have fun-it was just jump in and enjoy! Erron and I split off from the group and spent some time kissing and talking in about 4 feet of water. After a while, we got out and joined the group in looking at seashells and such in the surf. 
Mandy and the girls walking along the pier, we were all so excited to be there!

First selfie in MEXICO!

As the sun began to slowly set, we made our way to the local convienence store to buy some food to last us throughout Sunday. (We made the decision not to go shopping on Sunday.) The "EXXO" was basically like a gas station store. The food was expensive and they didn't have anything fresh except for the eggs. (Which was still questionable..) But we picked out things we wanted, paid in pesos for the first time, and headed back walking along the beautiful beach. 

I was already so tired and excited to sleep that when I crawled into our bed, I was sorely disappointed after snuggling up to Erron. My body was so sticky and hot that I didn't want to be anywhere near my husband! Add that with the fact that our sheets were covered with a film of sand, and I could not get to sleep for the life of me! It didn't help that our room had no AC, and that I really hate sleeping in beds other than my own. But somehow we made it through the night, mostly because I WAS IN MEXICO! At this point however, I was cursing the humidity. I hated it! And did not understand how people lived their lives there. 

Waking up the next morning did not help my view on humidity one bit, miraculously somehow I was more uncomfortable when I woke up than when I had originally tried to fall asleep! As I got up and stepped out of my room the beautiful blast of AC hit my face and I was happy once more. I stepped out onto our deck and saw the ocean and immediately I was in heaven once more. Kate made us scrambled eggs for breakfast, and we started our Sunday in peace. 

It wasn't long until the TV came on and the blaring volume filled the whole house, and echoed down to the pool area. I grew up where Sunday's were a special day that you dedicate to the Lord. And while my family grew up watching TV in the evenings it was a huge no-no to watch TV during the day. So it was quite different from my normal Sunday to have the TV loud and interrupting the peace. I think the biggest reason it bothered me was because WE WERE IN MEXICO! I honestly could not understand why some people wanted to watch American movies, when they could explore a whole different country. Essentially it was just a different culture than I was used to, not bad, just different. (: So Erron and I decided to take off and enjoy our own Sabbath day. We walked along the beach all the way to the far end where there was a channel that you could not cross. 
The perfect scene (:

Ah, the beginning of all "bad pictures" of me, the beauty of no makeup.

As we walked back, we ran into Erron's brother, Kit, and we searched for crabs to play with along the shore. He was so dedicated, he even got pinched by one! At this point I was too freaked out to touch any living things, so I stuck to looking for pretty shells to show my nieces. 

Erron and Kit looking for crabs and skipping rocks along the glassy surface of the sea.
 When we got back to the condo I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had not burned one bit. Although I was lathered with spf 100, so it wasn't too much of a shock. However Kit was bright red! I kept telling him that he was going to be hurting the next day, but he brushed it off as nothing. Throughout the whole trip I was dedicated to wearing at least spf 50. Everybody else was so excited to tan, but I was hoping to go back just a white as I came! Lately I've been trying really hard to be healthy in the sun. I am so young and don't want to end up with skin cancer later on. So even though everybody made fun of my and my high spf, I did have two buddies: Kate and Bobby. They have fair skin like me (if not even more fair) so they lathered up with high spf as well.

We hung out for the rest of the day at the pool and on the beach. When evening hit I jumped in the pool with Bobby, Mandy, Kaila, and Miah. We desperately tried to get Erron in the pool, but Erron's core temperature is a lot colder than the average person. So swimming at night (yes, even in Mexico) was not really fun for him.

As we crawled into bed that night, the sleeping situation was not any better than it was the night before and I fell asleep as far away from Erron as possible. It was HOT!

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  1. Sorry for the comment overload! I loved reading all about your trip... it sounds like your trip was a dream and now I totally want to visit Mexico someday! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!!