Friday, June 6, 2014

Mexico 2014-Part 2

On Monday morning I woke up, sticky from the humidity and sandy from our sheets. I had brushed them off the night before, where was all this sand coming from?? As I walked out to the kitchen I saw that nobody was up yet. So I read my scriptures in peace, overlooking the sea. Mandy came out and started to make french toast for everybody, she even cooked mine in butter-since I can't eat coconut oil. The big plan for the day was to go kayaking with Kit, Bob and Erron. I was stoked. 

After breakfast I pulled on my swimsuit and we all headed down to the office to get the paddles for the kayaks. We then headed out to sea. All the boys kept making fun of me, calling me names like "she-man" since I would do what they called "mans work." But I didn't really think that dragging the kayak out to sea and setting it up was really that hard at all. I didn't understand why I couldn't do it! We all had a good laugh.

As we headed out, the rush of the water crashing into the boat was cold at first, but as soon as I got used to it I started to really enjoy myself! Wave after wave, we got further and further from shore. Then we took a right and headed around the rocks by the channel. Seriously you guys, this water was incredible. There were different shades of green and blue. Sometimes I would stop paddling just to take it all in, and stare down at the gorgeous aqua colored water. 

Look at that sunburn. And it's only day 3...poor Kit!

Bob jumped off his kayak a couple times to swim in the water, but I wasn't brave enough to do that. As we rounded the rocks we saw a lagoon in the near distance. It was the prettiest sight I have ever seen. 

There was a lovely British couple sitting near the shore, so Erron and I paddled over to them and asked if swimming was allowed here, they told us of course, and then they proceeded to jump in themselves. We signaled to Kit and Bob that we could definitely swim, so we all docked our kayaks and jumped it. The water was so clear and so blue I just wanted to drink it! 

Such a nice smile (;
As we swam we decided to go check out the old building that was on shore. There was a little description by it, and it turns out it was a temple or safe-haven for navigators in the 1300-1500's. I love history, so I thought this was really neat, and surprised how good of shape it was still in! 

We then, much to my dismay, decided to head back. So we pushed our kayaks back in the water and headed home. 

When we got back Bob and Kate decided that we needed some decent food-and they left with Erron, Kit and Mandy for the store which was about a mile away. I told Erron to buy me lots of fresh food (since I'm a picky eater, but I'll eat any veggies or fruits) and when they got back later I was so pleased to learn that Erron had dedicated his whole time there to finding food for me, not even for him! He kept telling the group what I would like and they all said it was the sweetest thing ever. He even brought me back some oreos! OREOS!!!

We then ate some lunch, put on more sunscreen and headed out to the beach. Erron and I walked along and I decided that I wanted to get a coconut and break it open and eat it. I was determined. Luckily I married someone just as determined as me, and Erron knocked a few out of the tree and we spent hours trying to split them open using our bare hands, and rocks for tools. The first one we got had already been eaten away by bugs, but the second one was a success. We brought it back to the condo to show everybody our prize.

We must have started a trend because the whole next two weeks were filled with countless coconuts and the constant sound of chopping. We really messed up the owner of the condos cleaver-but Kit spent a solid hour or so fixing it up at the end of the trip.

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