Monday, June 9, 2014

Mexico 2014-Part 3

Monday night I made a proposal to Kit. He gets the "sauna" room and we sleep on the pull-out sofa bed. Kit was freezing out there, and we were melting in the sauna. Kit agreed to switch us, and even though the sofa bed mattress was made of basically springs and toilet paper, it was the most comfortable place I had slept in days. That night, I slept like a princess! Plus I got to snuggle with my Err-Bear so it was a win-win. (:

The next day was another round of fun! Erron and I set out to test our snorkeling gear out in the ocean, and eventually we were joined by Bobby, Kit, and Bob. We then set out to go snorkeling for the first time. 

I have found my new favorite thing to do. If you have not been snorkeling, you are missing out. It was scary at first, and then incredible. You get to see everything in the ocean! 

I didn't take too many great photos, because I figured if I wanted a picture of fish I could just find it on Google. Yolo, amiright? 

I could have spent all my days snorkeling. Even seeing the same stuff. It's just so cool to me how there is such a beautiful ecosystem down there! 

As Erron and I were snorkeling back to shore I saw the scariest thing of my life. A STING RAY. Like 10 feet away. It was on my side, so I jumped on Errons back and basically crawled my way to the other side of his body. Erron later told me he had never seen anybody move so fast in the water. 

Snorkeling was probably the highlight of my trip, and it was really fun to go with Erron because we had our own way of communicating with each other under the sea. We would both kind of talk really loud into our snorkels and somehow we completely understood each other. 

Oh and every time we got out I ended up looking like this:
Hot stuff, right?? (;

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