Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mexico-Part 4

I don't remember the order of days anymore, so you get what you get and you don't throw a fit...

The next day {that I remember} Erron decided to spend the day indoors. He was burned all over and wanted to let it heal instead of overexerting himself and dealing with fried skin the entire trip.

So we hung out around the condo most of the day. I decided to hang out with him because A) I didn't want him to be by himself. And B) He's the most fun to play with, so what would I do without him!? We mostly just hung out with Kaila and Miah, and read books. Erron read the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. And I read My Story by Elisabeth Smart.  

Then that evening, after dinner, we decided to take a jaunt around town. They had a few little tourist shops to look at some restaurants. We decided to scope the place out to see if there was anything cool we wanted to do there. We found out that there was a pool of dolphins, and we watched them for awhile, and we also started haggling prices, even though we didn't really want to buy anything yet. It was a lovely evening.

That night, as we were walking along the shore I stepped into the water to show Erron a crab I saw. As I bent down to point it out *PLOP* my iphone fell into the water. I can still see the image in my head. It was face up, and just gently falling down towards the sand. I immediately shrieked and pulled it out. I ran to the nearby bar and placed my phone on the counter, taking it apart. I dried everything off. The SIM, the case, everything. I'm anticipating having this phone for years to come, so when I saw the foreseeable repair cost, I was horrified. We're trying to save every penny for upcoming tuition, so yes, even the $50 apple care replacement cost, was a lot of money in my mind. As I finished drying it I decided to power it up, and to my surprise it worked perfectly! I don't know if it was splash-proof or merely just a tender mercy from God, but either way I was so grateful. 

We were also so lucky to have my phone for the rest of the trip. Our cell service is with T-Mobile and happily, when we landed in Mexico I got a text from them telling me that I had unlimited text in Mexico, and calls were only 20 cents a minute. We needed both of these features to get in touch with our family and tours later in the vacation, so I was very happy we weren't paying a bundle extra to use it.

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  1. Hello, hot bods! I'm glad that things worked out with your phone. That would have been a total trip buzz-kill if it broke for good! Also, The Total Money Makeover is such a great book! I haven't read My Story yet, but if you recommend it I will totally read it!