Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I'm *Officially* Feeling 22

Currently my house is a disaster zone. Courtesy of birthday '14. 

Last night was amazing. And I desperately hope that this post doesn't come off "braggy" or anything, I just have to express with all you internet friends and strangers how incredibly loved and blessed I feel. Obviously I do not deserve anything that happened this last weekend, and I definitely don't need gifts to make me feel blessed, but WOW I am completely overjoyed with the birthday haze that still lingers in the air.

The second I opened my eyes yesterday morning Erron started to sing the "Happy Birthday" song. Seriously, right that second! Which was proceeded by breakfast in bed. AKA cake, duh. And a morning full of snuggling and sleeping in. When he finally took off to the office, I proceeded about my day as normal. Grocery shopping included. Although I did indulge myself with a Starbucks cotton candy frappuccino. My favorite! (: {Also, for all my LDS peeps that worry I'm drinkin' coffee on my 22nd B-day, it doesn't contain any coffee. Just thought I'd put that out there since someone already questioned that. Haha}

When Erron finally came home he made me cover my eyes as he snuck my presents into the man-cave to wrap up all pretty-like just to make me happy!

When he was finished he came out he let me open one of the presents {of his choosing} and it was TWIZZLERS! I don't eat very much candy nowadays so this was a big treat! My Grandmother then took some couples "birthday" shots of us

and then we were off to Chuck E Cheese! 

Oh my goodness I hadn't been there since I was a little kid and we had SO much fun. Lots of skee ball and air hockey, and a couple other odd ball games. (: We ended up with a total of 70 tickets and Erron let me choose the prizes. I decided on candy & a crazy straw! {YAY!} Erron then took me to my favorite restaurant, Rubio's, where I had a free meal! On the way home I rolled downt the windows and blasted Taylor Swifts' "22" and sang out the top of my lungs.

When we got home it was opening presents time! 

The first one I opened was Lovestruck, a Vera Wang perfume that was the first present Erron ever gave to me and I'm almost out! 

Awkward foot aside, I loved Erron's card. (:

After that came the "big" present. I seriously had no idea, the things I thought it could be weren't the right weight and shape for the box, so I was puzzled!

IT WAS A SODA STREAM! I remember telling Erron I wanted one probably 2 years ago or so as we were strolling through the store. He laughed, since he doesn't like carbonation, and I knew that I would never get one. I mean, who needs a "make your own" soda maker? Well he hung on to the idea until now, and got a great deal on it & we both found out that you can adjust the carbonation level. So it can be normal, LIGHT, or heavy. Soda water is my favorite drink ever! So even if I don't end up making my own "soda" at least I can have homemade bubbly water!

Seriously, so incredible.

Here is a collection of my gifts:

My mom suggested that I set up a wishlist on Amazon, and I'm telling you guys, it is an amazing invention! Erron told his parents about it on the DL, and on Sunday I was surprised with the T-Fal set of pans that I had registered for! Such a shock! And so much better than cash! My family did the same as well. I received through UPS today the mandoline slicer, cake stand, pyrex glass tupperware, and millennium barbie that I wanted. {I got the barbie when I was about 8, in the year 2000, but as the typical fun loving child that I was I pretty much trashed her.} Ethan saw it on my registry and even offered to pay for it with his own money! How sweet!

Included in the picture is my large diet coke that I treated myself to at Rubios {complete with my crazy straw.} All the cards from family, including the watercolor one my sister designed specially for me:

I'm totally framing it! And the cupcakes my Grandma and Grandpa got for me! I am waiting until tonight to try them with Erron-so I'm sure they'll taste just a gorgeous as they look!

I neglected to include two items in my pictures out of haste. Bobby & Mandy got me a huge picnic basket! Yes, it's a cooler, but doesn't picnic basket sound....well....cooler?? 

And Kit snuck me the shell that he got for me in Cancun. The reason I say he snuck it to me, is because I refused to take it home. I've already told you how I don't collect shells from the beach anymore, so while it was so thoughtful that he gave it to me in Mexico, I declined as I wanted another cute little creature to have a home! Well that little stinker totally found a way for me to accept it, and honestly it has such a great story behind it that I'm glad that he did!

Thank you so much to everyone for making this last weekend such a fun birthday experience!

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  1. Oh my gosh your birthday looked absolutely perfect! I love to do the present pile up on Christmas Day so I totally responded to your picture of your presents all together! You are clearly so loved, and you deserve every ounce of it! Happy birthday, Chels! 22 looks fabulous on you!!