Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Living la Vida....Giardia

Once upon a time (about 3 weeks ago) I went on a beautiful hike with my beautiful aunt, Melissa. We traveled up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and found our way to the trail head of Donut Falls. We were prepared with hats & water. And started off on our easy little hike.

It was quite hot that day, and I thought that I had brought enough water for the both of us, and as it turned out I didn't at all! One bottle was NOT enough. So by the end of our hike as we were cautiously scrambling down the falls, I decided to take a sip of the delicious and refreshing looking water that weaved through the rocks and trickled to the bottom of the falls. 

I figured, hey, I don't live in the jungles of Africa. It's just a run-off of snowfall in the mountains of Utah. What's the worst that could happen. Not even five minutes after I had drank from the stream my auntie mentioned how she was so thirsty, but she didn't want to drink out of the falls because of the high risk of infection. 

I should have known better. Good things happen to those who wait.

The next day I was holed up in the bathroom, and my husband mentioned that I shouldn't have drank that water. But of course I didn't believe him. I insisted I was fine.

It wasn't until I had the most painful experience a few days later that I started to question my decision. And yesterday was the tipping point. I feel for every single person who has ever had a parasite. Mine is in my intestines and it is probably the worst pain I have felt since I had gallstones a few years ago.

Erron was laughing at me last night because I was too scared to use the bathroom. It's terrifying! I just want it out. 

Luckily if it doesn't clear within the next 2 weeks I will be going into the instacare to receive meds. But at this point it isn't too bad.

HOWEVER. Remember my tale, and NEVER drink from beautiful mountain lakes or streams. PURIFY all your water! Or you will be bawling your eyes out regretting that you didn't for weeks after.


  1. What?!?? You didn't tell me you drank from the stream!! Ok, next time, I'm buying you a coke.

    Actually, drink a lot of coke anyhow, cuz it kills the natural flora and fauna in our intestinal tract. (Aren't you so glad we drink that intestine-stripping stuff daily??)

  2. Oh my gosh does it really? Yeah, I just took a small drink, it tasted SO good-but I regretted it not even 10 seconds later. This is what I get for instant gratification, I suppose.

  3. Is the first person trolling? I can't tell. http://ultralightbackpackintips.blogspot.com/2011/06/tips-in-video-format.html

  4. The natural flora and fauna are SUPPOSED to be there thats why you get sick when they aren't there http://www.ourinnergarden.org/?page_id=13 *facepalm*