Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bye Bye, Summer '14

So today is officially the first day of fall, 2014. While I'm happy for cold nights snuggling inside with a cup of hot cocoa, and the beautiful changing of the trees from green to orange red and yellow (which will last for like 2 whole weeks), I am not happy to let my summer lover leave me.

Summer is my favorite season, that's no surprise to those who know me. It's hot during the day, and warm during the night. This means you can swim all day, and spend your nights (comfortably) star-gazing outside. It also means vacations and smoothies. 

Last fall I was looking forward to my 2 week trip to the Caribbean in May. And for months, that's all I focused on. As soon as we walked into the SLC airport- daisy dukes on, Mandy, Kaila, and Miah in their tropical hi-low dresses, Summer had begun for me.

When we returned from Mexico, I found a job working for Target in American Fork. And the majority of my summer was spent organizing shelves, and assisting guests through the aisles.

I also met my "niece" Clara for the first time. (Technically my cousin, but because of my age and the relationship I have with my uncle Daryn, we joke about her being my first niece. She's adorable by the way, 
who couldn't love her?

The first week of July was spent up at Erron's grandparents house in Thayne, Wyoming. Watching fireworks from their front lawn, and driving through the mountains with Erron-I felt the passion of summer.

I killed 4 animals with my car this summer. Three in Wyoming, 1 bunny, 2 cats. And one bird in Big Cottonwood canyon with my aunt Missy while we left a gorgeous hike a Donut Falls. I had never killed a single animal in my life before and suddenly the month of July made me a mass murderer.

A couple weeks after our hike I was treated for Giardia, which I acquired from the delicious water of Donut Falls. I will never forget the pain and fear that came from using the restroom in the weeks following that hike.

My birthday was celebrated by calling in sick, which was a risky move on my part seeing as when I fake sick-I always end up getting sick for real. But I spent the day pampering myself-singing along to T-Swift's '22' and enjoying Chuck E Cheeses with Erron & free Rubios fish tacos to end the night. I will never forget blasting '22' in Errons car on the way home from Rubios, rolling down the windows and belting out the lyrics. I WAS 22!

A couple of weeks later I came down with strep throat. Which I believe was a direct consequence of my calling in sick for work. In which I was forced to legitimately call in sick from work, which I'm sure made my supervisors thrilled with their new hire. 

Once strep had passed, I came down with a yeast infection (Sorry-TMI) in consequence of the antibiotics I took for strep. Which was quite fun to deal with, why do I get sick so often!?

This summer I also started to get into couponing-and I am excited to keep it up! It's a skill that takes little to no work, and saves you so much in the long-term!

As Summer leaves my side, I mourn just a little bit. I will miss the times I spent with Erron lying on the lawn, looking at the sky. I will miss wearing cute clothes and not having to bundle up like a burrito. 

But here we go fall, I'm excited to have you here, lets make this a good next month!

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