Thursday, September 4, 2014

School So Far

Officially I have been back in school for a full week! (Well, now almost two....I'm a little late posting this...) Things are going smoothly, and I love where I'm attending. 

Since I registered for my classes in a bit of a scrabble I didn't quite remember what I was taking. Well it turned out I am taking some pretty awesome classes! Monday & Wednesday I have women's self defense, which so far I think is going to be one of my toughest classes mentally. I'm a pretty confident person, but the activities he has us do (so far) have completely put me outside my comfort zone. I also have English 2010 on those days. It's like an advanced writing course, and my professor is INCREDIBLE. I know that it's going to be a challenging course, but I am okay with that because I do know that I can definitely do English. It's kinda my thing. (: 

Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays I have a general political science class, I wouldn't say that it's going to be my favorite just because of the style of teaching my professor has. It's one of those classes that you could read the book & figure it out on your own-so why attend class? Don't worry, i'll still be attending, it's just one of *those.*

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have History 1700 which is American History of some sort. The professor is one of those guys that are obsessed with making sure that you follow everything they ask of you, so he will have dumb one point assignments that you have to constantly be checking Canvas for, so that you don't miss those points. We'll see how that class goes.... I also have Philosophy, Western Religions on those days as well. And DANG! I love that class! My professor is definitely an expert in religious studies, and I really enjoy just listening to his viewpoints and learning all about the main western religions! I never realized before now how much Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have in common with each other! You can tell we are all rooted in the same gospel fundamentals of goodness.

The school is amazing. I know I've told so many people this, but did you know that UVU is one big building!? They are all connected by various hallways and such! I am SO stoked for Winter, because I wont have to suffer trudging through snow to get to class. Parking aside, I've really enjoyed my first week back. 

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  1. Seriously, your schedule sounds a little bit overwhelming! I don't know how you can do all that in one semester! Women's Defense and your Religion class sound fascinating, I'm super jealous! And I'm so glad that you're enjoying your new school!