Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Day, is Tomorrow!

I'm lying in bed right now, trying to get to sleep, and the knots in my stomach just wont stop twisting. Am I the only one that gets nervous for the first day of school.....every. single. year? 

I think I can justify my nervousness since I am going to be attending a new campus. But at the same time, I'm a {semi} grown adult. I shouldn't be this way! Right? I mean it doesn't help that I haven't toured the campus at all. Or that I have neglected to buy a parking pass, but it'll all work out.... I hope. :)

Tonight was wonderful, I asked my dear husband for a "back to school" blessing, and he gave me the sweetest blessing I've had in awhile. Next week my dad will be giving me one, but since I wasn't at my parents house today, I just had to wait. I love the feeling of comfort that I can receive from priesthood blessings. I really have such a testimony that they are really a direct message from God. 

Afterwards, Erron and I decided to play a game of pool. In which he won, BUT only by thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Seriously, it was a freaking good game! I only scratched once, and kept sinking the balls, which usually never happens!

I also made some fresh white bread, and we enjoyed a nice homemade warm snack out of the oven. I cannot wait for Fall and Winter, so that it's cold enough that I just want to spend my days indoors cooking and baking! 

Welp. The time has come. I have GOT to sleep. Do you have any good tips for reducing nervousness?

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  1. Back to School Blessings always make me feel more confident about the upcoming school year. I hope your first day went well!!