Friday, October 3, 2014

Another Day, Another Dollar

...Except I don't make any dollars this day.

I just need to rant a little bit about my Poli-Sci teacher. Oh my freaking heck he is terrible! 

This is him, and he basically stands (or kicks back) at his computer the entire class reading off of a slide show he made consisting of text taken directly from the textbook. 

It is so hard for me to show up to this class. I feel like I could stay home and read the textbook another time and get the same amount of knowledge from it.

He's old and crazy... He just told us he has heard about "flash mobs" which are effective ways to get a group of like-minded people together and quickly trash cars and start fires. I'm dying right now! We all know what flash mobs are, right? Please Google it if not.

The other thing that drives me nuts is the fact that we have to take a quiz (online) before class starts, and it's on the chapter that we will be learning about in class. You would think that would be different, that he would want us to listen to his lecture before taking the quiz, but no way Jose! 

But whatever. I do love this class, just not the teacher. He seems like a great guy, but the train stops there. 

In any case I have been waking up excellently lately! I have had issues getting up in the morning, even if I get a full 8 hours of sleep! So I downloaded this app called "Sleep Time." And it's incredible. I don't know if it's just mind over matter, but I really think it helps me wake up at the most optimal time in my sleep cycle.

Here are the last two nights:

The yellow represents time spent "awake," the green is a period of "light sleep" and the blue is a representation of my "REM cycles."

 I really have been happy when I wake up rather than my alarm often-times interrupting my REM cycle. I made Erron try it last night, and he woke up at 6:11, but then went back to sleep. So I'm probably just a crazy person (;

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