Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leave of Absence

Tuesday was my last night at Target! 

At least for awhile. I am currently on a leave of absence and happy to be done with work and to be able to focus purely on my schoolwork for the rest of the semester! 

The nice thing about Target, which I've raved about to so many of you, is that Target offers you the option of taking an LOA in which you can basically take 6 months off (for family or educational reasons) and only have to work at least 1 time in those 6 months in order to keep your employment status. I really like this model because I can focus on school but when my semester is over I can work for the holidays and then continue my leave when school starts up again.

The only stipulation was that you have to work for Target for at least 90 days in order to receive a leave, and so I had to wait until just last week to obtain my leave. Which made me nervous, but I DID IT. (:

And I am still plugging away with all of my 14 credits! I was nervous starting this semester that I would be overloading myself and thought that I would have to drop a class for sure, but with the help of my family and the Savior I am able to calmly take this semester one day at a time! 

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