Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Psh....Netflix Who?

I like to reward myself. I need incentives to keep me going, and so I would hook myself onto Netflix shows, and then reward myself with watching a new one each time I did something like homework or housework. 

Well I haven't watched a show for about 2 weeks now, and I'm feeling so much better. But trust me-I didn't just quit cold turkey, I started a new addiction.


It started with Serial. A story told week by week about the mystery of Hae Min Lee's murder in 1999. If someone had told six-year-old me that one day waiting for the next episode of a public radio show spinoff would feel like waiting for Christmas morning, I would probably have given up on life sooner.

But i'm obsessed! And waiting for "next Thursday" is the hardest part--I want to just binge on every episode right now. If you haven't listened to it, it's free and I highly suggest you download it. 

If you have listened to it, what are your thoughts? I think Jay is guilty-I side with Adnan, he didn't kill her. But where is the motive in any of this!? Let me know what you think. And sorry (in advance) for getting you hooked.

Another podcast show I love to listen to is "Stuff Mom Never Told You." It's great and informative, and talks about lots of different women's topics from rape and sexual assault to why we have diamond engagement rings. Erron doesn't really like it, because it's just two girls talking to each other in a studio, and he keeps asking me "what their credentials are" But I enjoy it, I've learned so much already. 

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? 

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