Friday, June 22, 2012


Currently I LOVE this song. 
{The video is a bit weird, but it's 2012. What do you expect?}
So tonight I decided that I am going to dye the underside of my hair!
I'm excited, and I think I'm going to do it myself! After watching a video on youtube, I'm pretty sure that I got this in the BAG!
{Pics to follow.}
Also, today I got to go out to lunch with my bestie Hailee! {And by lunch I mean FroYo.}
I also got to get drug tested for my work today... Yep! I can honestly say I've never had that happen before. Yuck. I hate those situations. I would honestly rather have my blood drawn than make somebody look at my pee. Like can I just be candid? That is freaking disgusting. Always hated it, always will. 
Plus the lady was way mean to me. She was very snappy calling me back and such, and like listen, I'm sorry I can't just pee on demand woman! And I'm truly sorry I didn't get it up the line! Don't be a jerk about it, you have more than enough.
Okay, sorry about the TMI. I'm not that impolite usually, I promise! {Come back tomorrow!}
Hopefully my test comes back drug-free. I gotta lay off the joints... Ha ha ha JK's. {Mom & Daddy, chill. I don't do drugs.}

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  1. whoa....that music video is trippy....when are we gonna hang woman?!