Thursday, October 10, 2013

Being Alone {Or the Lack of It...}

Let me get a little personal here. Why not, right? This is the internet after all. 

Lately I have been getting pretty depressed. I'm not as in love with my job as I thought I would be, yet I make decent money so I'm sort of forced to stay as that is the main reason I am working. I have been super tired lately, like tired to the point where I don't want to even hang out with my husband when I get home, just sleep sleep sleep. And most of all, I haven't had a single girlfriend since I got married over a year ago. {Well, my best friend left on a mission in March, so I technically haven't had a gal-pal since then. BUT lets take the more extreme route (: }

Here I have been, for a little over a year, getting more depressed as the days passed. It seemed like even though I would try my hardest to hang out with girls, nobody gave it a second thought. I would get blown off by my single friends, and my married friends {most of which were newlyweds} were always "too busy." And I never really "connected" with anybody. I could probably count the number of times I've hung out just simply with girls on one hand. Pretty pathetic, right? 

Last night I put a really emo-ish post up on facebook. This is the link here. As you can tell, I found out that I am NOT ALONE. In case you were too lazy to look at the link or couldn't give a shiz about my dramatic life {sidenote, why are you even reading this??} i'll describe what happened. I said something along the lines of "why can't I get friends? Do I have germs or something?" {maybe that was a loose translation...} And what the people of facebook said next astounded me. Nearly every married girl {and boy... we're not sexist here!} that commented on my post AGREED with me!




It was probably the best thing facebook has ever done for me. 

So why is it that once we are wed to our one eternal love, we lose many {in my case, almost all} of our friendships? 

Before I was married, I wasn't friends with many girls. I had Marz-Barz AKA bff, but that was about it. It wasn't that girls didn't like me, we got along just fine. But I was mostly friends with boys. Well, once you get married, obviously, you can't just be BFF's with a bunch of guys. {Or at least I can't..... but hey! To each their own...} So when I was first married I just told myself that the reason that I didn't have friends was because all my "old friends" were men! 

Wrong answer, Chels.

As I have recently discovered, it isn't just me, and it wasn't just because all of my friends were guys. It's because this is a real thing that exists! I really couldn't {and quite frankly don't want to} get into the why of this, it's mainly just important for me, and for YOU to remember that you are not alone. Yes, there are girls out there that are party animals, and will always have their closest gals. And yes, I will always be jealous of these girls, but the main thing to remember that I {annnnd you} are not an anomaly. 

So branch out! Try to make new friends, and if {or in my case over the last year WHEN} this happens, don't take it too personally. A LOT of people go through this stage in their life! Be persistant! Don't give up, there are friends out there for you {and me!}!!!

Congratulations for reading this, I hope there is at least one person {besides myself} that reads this and can be blessed by knowing that their friendship life isn't over.

It's just the beginning of a new chapter! 
(: (: (: 

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